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“As a growing business with little assets, we made a big mistake in getting involved with high interest loans and cash advances because the local conventional banks were not very helpful. Weather has not been kind to our seasonal business and all our profit and cash flow was getting eaten up by these funding companies and merchant cash advance companies. We started to explore our options as to what we can do to get out from under this unpleasant situation.

We looked at dozens of debt consolidation ads, websites, pop ups etc. We happened to be reading a blog about EXACTLY what we were dealing with and at the bottom of the blog there was contact information. We sent over an email and got a call back quickly. The gentleman on the other end of the line seemed to understand what we were dealing with and what our needs were. He started to tell us what they can do for us. It all sounded great. Honestly, too good to be true. We were VERY VERY skeptical.

A few months later, we are in the process of catching our breath and looking forward to crawling out of this hole we dug for ourselves. The Business GPS team followed through with exactly what they said they could do. We would like to thank Business GPS and especially Allison Mak, who walked us through step by step and we can now start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Debt consolidation companies can be a real rip off and there is so much negative posting and articles online about these firms. Business GPS is not in the same boat as these other people. I wish I found these folks a lot sooner. If you make the wrong choices in financing like we did, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Start with these folks.”

– Donald Hammond

“We didn’t realize the scope of benefits that Infused would realize from your ADR efforts. Your help with internal disputes, contractors, vendors as well as our landlord have been a welcome relief. Not only in the results you’ve been able to achieve but also relief of the aggravation and wasted time that we’ve experienced through traditional methods has been welcomed. We will be pleased to recommend Business GPS because they are no longer our alternative choice rather they are our primary course of action in dealing with sensitive business issues.”

– LLC, Marlon B. Johnson, Member
Infused Solutions

“After all these years I felt it was about time that I express my appreciation through a letter of recommendation for your company. You’ve been a great help in our survival. Helping us with our equipment leases, advertising and landlord issues has literally saved our company from closing down. Before we met you we thought our only alternative was to either walk away or file chapter 7 and try to start over. The fact that we can call you when we hit one of those lower cash flow periods that all businesses encounter makes us feel very secure and keeps us optimistic about pushing ahead.

Keep up the good work and please share this recommendation letter with any potential businesses that are on the fence about using your services and if necessary have them call me.”

– Mike Reeder, Director
Digital Graphic Solutions

“As are most things in life, business is cyclical and when the valleys appear I call Business GPS. I’ve worked with Bill Schneider for over 5 years and I’m extremely pleased with the efforts and results. One very positive affect of their service is the elimination of the anxiety associated with such problems. This in and of itself makes their service invaluable.”

– Gunther Than, CEO
View Systems, Inc

“I have nothing but praise for Business GPS. These economic times are very fragile and there have been times where we didn’t know what to do. All the attorneys would say is file for protection. Bill Schneider rolled up his sleeves and actually did what needed to be done. I highly recommend their services and I use them now for all types of sensitive issues. “

– Susan Forkner, President
HS Construction III

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