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Read What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

“As a growing business with little assets, we made a big mistake in getting involved with high interest loans and cash advances because the local conventional banks were not very helpful. Weather has not been kind to our seasonal business and all our profit and cash flow was getting eaten up by these funding companies and merchant cash advance companies. We started to explore our options as to what we can do to get out from under this unpleasant situation.

We looked at dozens of debt consolidation ads, websites, pop ups etc. We happened to be reading a blog about EXACTLY what we were dealing with and at the bottom of the blog there was contact information. We sent over an email and got a call back quickly. The gentleman on the other end of the line seemed to understand what we were dealing with and what our needs were. He started to tell us what they can do for us. It all sounded great. Honestly, too good to be true. We were VERY VERY skeptical.

A few months later, we are in the process of catching our breath and looking forward to crawling out of this hole we dug for ourselves. The Business GPS team followed through with exactly what they said they could do. We would like to thank Business GPS and especially Allison Mak, who walked us through step by step and we can now start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Debt consolidation companies can be a real rip off and there is so much negative posting and articles online about these firms. Business GPS is not in the same boat as these other people. I wish I found these folks a lot sooner. If you make the wrong choices in financing like we did, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Start with these folks.”

– Donald Hammond

Business GPS has provided a tremendous amount of help to my company.  They are experts at helping companies manage cash flow in addition to helping companies reduce and restructure debt.  

The staff at Business GPS are very friendly and understanding of their customer’s situations which may be very stressful.  Allison and Joe were a great help.  As a customer, you feel safe in their hands as they have dealt with similar situations as yours thousands of time.  They know what they are doing!

I encourage any company struggling with cash flow issues or high interest loans to give them a call.

-Dan C.

Bill and his team helped our company when we got sued for $90,000 by an important service provider. Business was slow then and we had a hard time paying our bills timely. He settled it for under $25,000 (with payment terms)! If he hand’t settled it, I probably would have laid off some employees. He saved us money and jobs.

-Joe J.

Business GPS and specifically Allison have been excellent to work with and a huge help to our business. We were floundering with multiple Merchant Cash Advances and worked hard for us to gets these negotiated in a manageable way for us.  We did get sued by one of the MCA companies as part of the process and Allison navigated us through that sometimes scary process always leaving me feeling assured that we were in good hands.  I would highly recommend Business GPS’ services – they have been excellent to work with on this difficult situation and never once made me feel unworthy by having gotten into this situation.

-George S.

Allison Mak from Business GPS has helped me in ways that I would have never been able to myself. I had three merchant cash advances that were debiting my account daily and it was becoming unbearable. She was able to reduce my payments to a much more affordable payment for my company so we didn’t have to file bankruptcy or close the business. Allison not only helped me with my debt, but helped me manage my business. Thank you Business GPS!

-Debbie F.

Despite having a thriving business, I was involved in high interest loans and was struggling to make my payments.  A colleague referred me to Business GPS, LLC.  They are experts in negotiating on behalf of business owners who want “to do the right thing” and pay its lenders, who are faced with tremendous high interest and/or high payment challenges.  The moment Business GPS came on board, I knew I was in safe hands.  They assured me that I can move forward.  The team negotiated with my lenders with mutually agreed upon terms where both parties were satisfied.  With their assistance, I know that my successful business will continue for years to come.  Today, I am more optimistic, determined and relieved…Thank you, Business GPS!

-Nick C.

Joe and Bill are tremendously educated in the world of business. These guys helped me out tremendously at a point when business was down. I would not take the trouble to write a review unless I sincerely meant it .They are very forthright with you and are flexible with your needs depending on your situation. I would highly recommend this company if your business is having some struggles they do a wide array of services. They have a great staff over there at two different offices. They are always available to answer calls and Joe is always great about returning emails or even text if needed.

-Allan R.

When I found Business GPS I was in distress based on the predatory lenders that had taken advantage of our new business and lack of ability to obtain financing. We were being hounded for repayment in the amount of $12,000.00 monthly and were unable to keep up with the payments. After several attempts to settle on my own, I was unsuccessful. Allison at  Business GPS was able to navigate the entire process and settle with the “lenders.” Our payments are now manageable and we can continue running our business without the added stress of high interest rate loans.

-Ashleigh R.

Allison and Business GPS have been a pleasure to work with.  Getting caught in the world of Merchant Cash Advances is something that can quickly spiral out of control and threaten the future of a business.  We initially looked to a competitor for help and found ourselves in worse shape with their service.  Eventually we found our way to Allison and Business GPS and they quickly and professionally helped us get everything stabilized and settled allowing us to focus on our business.  I highly recommend Allison and Business GPS

-Robert A.

Business  GPS has helped my businesses when I was experiencing cash flow issues from taking high interest loans. But they are more than just a negotiating company that reduces interest and renegotiate loans they dig in help you restructure the things that are going wrong and he help you get back on track. They are very professional and were the support we needed at the time. I recommend them to anyone experiencing these issues.

-Jamey Boudreaux

Business GPS did an excellent job restructuring our debt. Allison Mak was extremely helpful and reassuring through the entire process. She successfully negotiated a large amount of debt on our behalf; which allowed us to stay focused on day-to-day business. I highly recommend their services if you are looking to restructure debt. Ask for Allison Mak, she is top notch!

-Gianna W.

We were a small company hit really hard by the sub-prime mortgage crisis and resulting Great Recession, and  as losses continued and income was very slow to recover, banks tightened their policies and before long we had to turn to merchant cash advance lenders for short-term funds, which quickly snowballed into an intractable mountain of unsurvivable predatory debt. We were forced to default, and began looking for help with negotiating workout solutions and consolidating debt.   When I first spoke with Joe Meuse, I could tell he came from personal experience and he seemed knowledgeable and truly empathetic.

But he really got me when he told me about his fee structure; charging a percentage of the SAVINGS they create through negotiating was putting their money where their mouths were. Why was I incentivizing consolidation companies with a percent of my DEBTS? That’s motivating them to save me less! Joe has a brilliantly simple and fair approach that makes you happy to pay the fee, because you know you’ve saved so much more. Beyond that, he is profoundly knowledgable about credit and lenders, and their recovery methods, which gives us a leg up on avoiding being cheated again, as well as stretching even the negotiated payments out to allow us the breathing room we need to just run our business again.

Joe is more than a consultant…he’s a true friend.

And just like us, he works too hard.

-Michael A.

I met Joe Muse the owner of Business GPS through a referral from another consulting company. It was a real pleasure meeting Joe and he gave me some very valuable advises  , connections, and support . It enabled us to overcome a difficult situation we were put in by our former financial company . He has continued to check in with me since then .I am still calling on him each time i have a difficult  situation , he  will treat me as a friend . I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Joe and his services.

-Fernanda P.

My name is Sammy from AMH. In the past I have used 5 mafia loans to keep my business open. Although the interest is outrageous, I have to admit, they kept my business open. When Business GPS called us, I was skeptical since we get about 5 calls a day for Mafia Loans. I liked what they told me regarding that they get paid based on their efforts. Nothing up front. From the time they prepared my company for an SBA loan, and from the time they submitted the documents, we rec’d the funds was three weeks. In my opinion, GPS was a blessing from above. AMH has new life because of them.

-Sammy Grimaldo, AMH

We have been working with BGPS through some very difficult times. Having them hold our hand and really understand our particular situation has been instrumental in keeping us in business. The customer service is prompt and they show a real concern for our welfare. We consider them a business partner and a trusted advisor. Importantly BGPS only charges us for what they do. No upfront fees or hidden charges. If you would like a direct referral contact me at rlasater@smartmm.com

-Richard Lasater

Joe and Business GPS have been a light in the darkest days of my time in Business. I have made a lot of mistakes and lost hope until Joe showed us a path to right the ship. Thanks Joe and GPS team. B Moles

-Byron Moles

I met Joe muse the owner of Business GPS through a referral from another consulting company. It was a real pleasure meeting Joe and he gave me some very valuable insights and connections. It enabled us to overcome a difficult situation we were put in by our former bank. He has continued to check in with me since then and I am confident that if I need help again in the future he will be there for me and my company.

-Brian Mercer

When things got dark and a merchant loan company was closing in financially to destroy my business of operations. Joe and his team rescued me from being a victim to a few Different merchant loans that showed no mercy when it came to pulling funds daily or weekly from my business account. My first call with Joe gave me and my wife so much peace of mind to save our business from an aggressive Merchant Loan Company. Joe provided me with a game plan after I told him how an aggressive merchant loan company was not willing to negotiate with me on a realistic payment plan, when I was not able to maintain daily payments. To make a long story quick, Joe saved me and my business from closing it’s doors and filing bankruptcy.

Thanks Business GPS.

-Emerson Lopez

Joe and his team and truly exceptional. They provided comprehensive services for my small business with honesty and integrity. Those attributes are rare today and I could not be happier with the results. If your business is in need, do not hesitate to reach out to Joe and his team. You will be glad you did!

-Alex Loyola

I was skeptical at first, all the reviews seem to be too good to be true. So I called and spoke with a gentleman named Joe for a few hours. Towards the end of our conversation I noted that I wanted to think about all we spoke of and he was very understanding, he was nothing like a pushy car salesman.

Just to be sure, I called and spoke with him twice more over the course of a month and finally felt GPS was the company whom would bring my head above water. After about two months of constant, helpful, calls from Joe I was beginning to see a change. The phone calls were lessening, I swear I was seeing less gray hairs popping up and my business budget had wiggle room for inventory!

11 months later we’re closing on my consolidation, and have been able to take away close to $800k owed- Joe is a miracle worker and lifesaver!

Please my friend, if you are reading this and you need help like I did, call Joe. A phone call could change your life and turn it all around for the better.

Thank you Joe and GPS!

-Damon Zitzmann

Finding a company whom works on contingency is rare- more rare than hens teeth as my Grandfather would say.
Before calling Business GPS I was in debt $3M, and now I’m at a happy, affordable amount, just a hair under $1M. I know that still sounds like a lot, but that’s nothing compared to where I was. I would expect the $1M when it comes to operating a shipping business in the mid-West. Now my monthly payments are affordable, I’m no longer harassed daily by collectors and my wife is beginning to see my dream come true (a happy wife is a happy life~ Am I right?).
Thank you, Joe for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel!

-Bobby M

Kind people, great service and they give you REAL hope and results!

Each day I am more happy than the last for calling GPS, they saved not only my business but my sanity- I was getting calls from collectors HOURLY demanding I make out of this world payments or they were going to start showing up everywhere. I was even told they would wait for me at the school when I was picking up my kids! I was terrified at their basically threatening my families safety! Enough was enough, I knew I needed help.

After working with GPS for about three months, I was able to sleep at night knowing I was going to be alright in the end and that my family would be safe. A year and two months later, I still thank heaven every day for calling GPS!

-Kathleen Rodney

Thank you Joe and Allison. When I started with you, I had no idea how I was going to make it. My attorney suggest filing bankruptcy and other companies called trying to take my money. You took the time and invested in me and my family. I was lucky to find you. John

-John Dewilder

Bill and Joe – thank you!! Nobody else stepped up to help my business when I needed help the most. If your business is in trouble – call them immediately.

-Jim Makowski

There are so many scams out there, but Business GPS is the real thing. Nobody else was willing to work with us unless we paid them a lot of money upfront. Not Business GPS. They believed in me and helped me when I needed it most. Worth every penny and then some. If your business is struggling, you need to call them immediately.

-Steve Jones

Joe and Bill did an excellent job. We do $10m in revenue but had $5m in debt. They handled all the communication and reduced our debt by over 50%. They are worth every penny – and they gave us 12 months to pay!! If you have financial issues, you would be crazy not to hire them.

-Brian Switzer

Joe and his team did an excellent job of reducing our liabilities by over $1m. Without their help, we would not have made it. You can tell they work on contingency because they fought every day for our business. I would highly recommend them.
-Ken Smith

I started my own camping business the the great state of PA- it had always been my dream to have my own. I was doing fine for about two years, then suddenly they hit me like a ton of bricks. The advances I took out came for me in the middle of the night, something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
For a long while I was right on top of them, making a hair above the minimum in payments, which I thought was going to be enough, which they even told me that would keep me out of trouble. Nope, they lied. I was drowning overnight and was being called non-stop from people demanding I pay off the balance immediately, or I would lose it all. My home, my business, my fiancé, and my dignity.
I was on the verge of giving into them and selling off what I could so I could save myself and decided to put a cry out on Google and see what she’d come back with.
She brought me Business GPS. I called them asking for any type of help, guidance, or even plain answer of “give up, you’re too far gone.” That’s not what I got at all, I spoke with a name named Joe for what seemed like hours about what I was going though.
Four months later, I am able to keep my business, keep the calls away, and pay what I know I can afford- not what they demand. I would be a lost hiker without them, with no hope of finding my way home.
Thank you Joe, and the Business GPS team!

-Henry Branson

My saving grace!

The team at Business GPS pulled me out of the depths of debt. I took out multiple, small, advances thinking I could pay them back within a few years- I was SO wrong.

One thing after another would arise and cost a lot more money than I had in the bank, or rainy day reserve. One day I received a threatening call stating I was going to go to court and quickly jail if I didn’t begin paying on my loans. I already was, I was paying the minimum, thinking that was ok being my statement was XX amount. Nope, I was in big trouble.

After hours of searching online for hours, I found the team at GPS. After speaking with a man named Joe, I knew I was going to be ok!

Eight months later, my debts were negotaited to a price I could swallow monthly and begin to enjoy my business again.

If you need help and cannot tread any longer, I implore you to call and ask for Joe! Thank you!!!!!

-Amy Johnson

I will try to get everything out without going on and on but it’s been a long four years. As a small business owner you go through ups and downs that is to be expected, it’s the nature of the beast as they say. With being in the medical field the beast is government and insurances reimbursements and with all the cuts we found ourselves in the need of fast cash. There came the merchant cash advance companies riding in on their white horses to save the day or we thought. What your business is today isn’t always what it is tomorrow that’s for sure. This is what happens when the unforeseen slaps you in the face. My mother who is also my partner in the business suffered a stroke and a multitude of health issues over a couple of those years. Now I have employees that rely on me, a community that rely and need me and my products and most of all my mother that is relying on me to make everything right. Trust me it couldn’t have gotten any darker. I reached out to GPS and they listened to my story and assigned me Allison Mak. Believe me I thank every minute of everyday since I first spoke to her. Her first words to me were “Take a big breath and relax and let me do my job”. Trust me this lady has well earn her wings. She has held my hand and supported me every step of the way. I know I wasn’t always the easiest with all the stress I was under but she always encouraged me that it would all work out and it has. Allison road in on her white horse and REALLY saved the day. My mother is doing great in her health, my business is getting back on track and most of all I am sleeping again. If you need help don’t wait as long as I did call them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Allison Mak and all at GPS….

-Laurie Lugenbeal

Business GPS is an outstanding firm. Our business has suffered the last two years and the leadership and staff of GPS has helped my company immensely. They are helping us mitigate debt, resolve disputes and plan for the future. They put in a lot of time and they care. I highly recommend GPS for any company that needs help or is looking to better their business strategy and grow.

-Hugh Brown

I am giving this company 5 Stars for a list of reasons. They are pros and they dealt with our legal matter with a lender. This issue was handled fast and at a much lower expense than a law firm would charge and without all that hassle that comes with THAT. I would recommend Business GPS for any company that may have defaulted on a loan do to unseen issues and or predatory loans.

-James Aiken, Micro Company

When I first looked into Business GPS I was very skeptical. I have been dealing with MCA loans for the last 5 years and the daily ach withdraws. We were into them for over $30k per month in payments. They were killing our cash flow and company credit. We were barely able to keep our doors open, pay our people and maybe pay a vendor or two if there was anything left. After contacting Business GPS I spoke to Allison and she reassured me they could help and they did. They saved me thousands and now we are back on track rebuilding our company and our credibility with our vendors. I highly recommend any business facing the same dilemma to give Business GPS a call. Believe me you will sleep better at night again.

-Terry Stuit

Business GPS was very great at helping us accomplish our goal of settling outstanding debts while allowing us the opportunity to continue running our business with one less thing to worry about. We run our business on the go from one job site to the other 24/7, not sitting in an office all day with any sort of routine. This means we don’t have the time to sit and negotiate on the phone with collectors, all day,everyday. Allison Mak was excellent at making that load much lighter. She handled all of the negotiating and was very responsive to our emails, phone calls and questions. We think we made the right choice. Thank you.

-DNA Flooring

For years I wanted to open my own business, I was inspired to own my own little shop like my idol, Miss Rae Dunn.
My Aunt and I decided it was time to let my dreams come true and we opened a little hat and purse boutique in the small town I grew up in, in Idaho. Sadly, after two years in business I was in the negative, taking out loans, I couldn’t keep my staff anymore and was beginning to sell my inventory for less than half it was worth. Daily calls, emails and letters began coming in from companies I took loans out for and I was constantly crying and in fear my house was going to be lost.
Desperately searching the internet late one night for a solution, I came across GPS. It sounded too good to be true, so like any American, I clicked on the link, anticipating one of those scam links, but NO. I was surprised at the many things that they offered.
I called in and spoke to a man named Joe whom was willing to take his time explaining who they were and how they could help me. After discussion and thinking, I signed on with Joe leading the way and was on my way to salvation! After three months the calls stopped, the letters came less and less and I was able to bring two of my staff back and begin selling items at just a bit under full price!
I’m hopeful that after another four months or so, with Joe’s guidance, I can be strong again- with patience, trust and time we will make it!

-Lynn Holsting

My company has been working with Joe Meuse and Allison Mak from Business GPS for more than 5 years.
Here’s why:

From when I first met Joe, he took the time to truly learn about and understand not only what was happening to our business, but also our industry. He did, and still does, a lot of listening.

Joe, is a good human. I know this because of the way he cares for his family and friends (many of his clients become his friends). The man ACTUALLY CARES about the financial health of the folks that come to him, and his team.

Allison’s expertise lies with her vast Merchant Cash Advance experience turned 180 degrees and now she negotiates on behalf of business owners that get “in deep” with MCAs and creditors. She has had an amazing impact on our ability to manage cash flow and repair credit worthiness.

Neither of them will BS’ya.

I have taken a whole bunch of problems to Business GPS, and some have honesty been a little embarrassing. Dumb things I shoulda coulda. Yet he never makes me feel stupid. He just wants to hear how he can add value. And he validates me for calling him EARLY, and not waiting until stuff is out of control before I call him.

Also his model is different to that of most anybody else I’ve dealt with in this field. His fees are pretty modest, but more than that, I only pay him once my company is through the worst of it, and I’m back on my feet.

Whenever I have reached out to Joe or Allison, sometimes thinking my back is way up against the wall, they don’t just have one solution, they present multiple pathways so we always have choices: SMART options.

Joe and his team of finance professionals are not spooked by big numbers. I have called him when I’ve had 5-figure trouble and when I’ve had 7-figure trouble.

Sometimes, when you feel you’re in a corner, you feel your bank won’t listen, so you start conversations with less salubrious and less ethical folks and can get into crazy high interest situations.
Joe Meuse talks about “not all money being the same. There’s access to dumb money, and to SMART Money.” (Remember being a kid discovering credit cards?) Folks, don’t take the dumb money. It’s way more expensive.

If you need smart, real-world financial counsel for your business, I honestly cannot recommend Joe Meuse and GPS, more highly. The guy would take a bullet for me. I’m happy for any of you to reach out to me if you want to hear my detailed experience with Joe and GPS.

-David Glassman, Digipro Media

I called Business GPS on an attempt one day while trying to figure out how I was going to keep my shop open- they were my last hope before I went under, my last lifeline. What a true blessing this company has been for not only my business, but my marriage and myself. The stress you undergo when losing/struggling is a feeling that honestly cannot be explained, I pray you never feel it. And if you do, come to them knowing you are going to be in the right, safe hands of a business who knows what they are doing.
I was caught up in the world of Merchant Cash Advances- an easy fix for what I needed at the time. Little did I know that they would nearly be the end of everything I knew and held close. The day I had to tell my Husband what was going on was the worst day of my life- I will never forget him telling me “We’ll find a way. We will search till we find the help we need. Let’s make some calls now.” As we began searching Business GPS kept popping up, but I was wary since I’d never heard of them before, so we pressed on. After days of searching and talking to numerous businesses and banks, Business GPS quickly found its way to the top of the list. WE WERE A MATCH!!!!!!!!
Bill was his name, and angel sent to us. He was able to speak with my creditors and was able to save us thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of dollars in weekly payments that I was making just to try to stay afloat. Bill was able to not only make it that my payments were monthly, at an affordable rate, but able to save me a lot of money after they were done talking. Thank you, Bill. Thank you!
I truly am so thankful for the help that he was able to give me, the peace of mind, my life back and saving my marriage. If you are looking for help, don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us- we are only human. I promise, you won’t be disappointed in the services they provide. You can do it, just pick up the phone and dial- they’re the guidance you are seeking

-Donna Marie Stevensport

If you have gotten in over your head with Merchant Cash Advances then Business GPS is where you should go. Allison at Business GPS was able to defer my payments until cash flow improved and negotiate a settlement that I could afford and the Merchant Advance companies found acceptable. Don’t let Merchant cash advances ruin your business, call Allison.

-Cynthia Brandt

Daily MCA payments of $524.65 a day is painful enough to read, but actually paying it is agony. Upon opening my business, I quickly found out my initial investment was not enough. My supplies were quickly dwindling, my staff speaking about customer complains, and my feeling terrible I could not give my deserving staff raises as they worked around the clock to keep this business afloat.
Before I knew it, I was failing to make the daily payments and beginning to think the worst- nothing I could think of would save me. Then I heard of Business GPS, which sounded too good to be true. I was unsure, but I could at least talk to them and find out what they could do. After a few discussions with Joe, I was on my way to being in control. Over a year later, I am making monthly payments of $202.19 with almost half of my advances negotiated down in my best interest. I cannot thank Joe enough for all that he’s done and continues to do for me and my business.

-Margot Smith

“We didn’t realize the scope of benefits that Infused would realize from your ADR efforts. Your help with internal disputes, contractors, vendors as well as our landlord have been a welcome relief. Not only in the results you’ve been able to achieve but also relief of the aggravation and wasted time that we’ve experienced through traditional methods has been welcomed. We will be pleased to recommend Business GPS because they are no longer our alternative choice rather they are our primary course of action in dealing with sensitive business issues.”

– LLC, Marlon B. Johnson, Member
Infused Solutions

“After all these years I felt it was about time that I express my appreciation through a letter of recommendation for your company. You’ve been a great help in our survival. Helping us with our equipment leases, advertising and landlord issues has literally saved our company from closing down. Before we met you we thought our only alternative was to either walk away or file chapter 7 and try to start over. The fact that we can call you when we hit one of those lower cash flow periods that all businesses encounter makes us feel very secure and keeps us optimistic about pushing ahead.

Keep up the good work and please share this recommendation letter with any potential businesses that are on the fence about using your services and if necessary have them call me.”

– Mike Reeder, Director
Digital Graphic Solutions

“As are most things in life, business is cyclical and when the valleys appear I call Business GPS. I’ve worked with Bill Schneider for over 5 years and I’m extremely pleased with the efforts and results. One very positive affect of their service is the elimination of the anxiety associated with such problems. This in and of itself makes their service invaluable.”

– Gunther Than, CEO
View Systems, Inc

“I have nothing but praise for Business GPS. These economic times are very fragile and there have been times where we didn’t know what to do. All the attorneys would say is file for protection. Bill Schneider rolled up his sleeves and actually did what needed to be done. I highly recommend their services and I use them now for all types of sensitive issues. “

– Susan Forkner, President
HS Construction III

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